• Mombasa Earrings

Mombasa Earrings

  • $59.00

Expertly crafted, our iconic Mombasa Drop Earrings feature the collection’s signature two-toned round design. Suspended on fine chains, the charms dangle from hammered brass stud earrings. This gives them incredible movement whilst being strong and secure.

Modern meets tradition with this exclusive AARVEN design, inspired by the jewellery worn by many of the African tribes we have been fortunate to meet on our travels.

Ethically handmade in Kenya by our team of talented artisans. The brass is hand-hammered to give them a beautiful shimmer, making them an eye-catching accessory. The organic hammered texture and smooth aluminium ‘pearl’ makes these dangle drop earrings wearable works of art. Your statement drop earrings pair perfectly with both gold or silver jewellery, matching the high-quality recycled brass or recycled aluminium.