• Peppermint Tea 100g

Peppermint Tea 100g

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Perfect peppermint, to cool and refresh. A tingling treat with muscle relaxing properties to aid digestion and soothe sore tummies by calming your digestive muscles and regulating them in their entirety.

As a herb, Peppermint is not a 'proper' tea but instead a tisane. Naturally caffeine free, it's a perfect evening brew to help alleviate the stress and pressures of a busy day. It is also a godsend when colds, coughs and other viruses strike, helping to open up your airways and providing a much needed nutrient boost including vitamin B, potassium and calcium.


Steep 1tsp per cup for 3-5 minutes in 95-100°C water. Enjoy without milk.


Peppermint's natural healing properties are derived from the menthol in peppermint oil which is both an antiseptic and anaesthetic.


Pure peppermint leaves.


May contain traces of cereals, almonds, hazelnuts, milk, soya, mustard and sulphur dioxide.