• Millie - Swimmer Tile

Millie - Swimmer Tile

  • £10.00

Jayne is a Margate-based ceramicist who has been potting for 22 years.

She was taught by Romilly Graham in her London studio. She mostly hand builds and works with moulds in stoneware and porcelain. She is concerned about how disposable our society has become, and uses her ceramic making to raise awareness and challenge these habits by making pieces that people will want to reuse and keep.  She uses oxides and stoneware glazes. She mostly twice-fires in an electric kiln but occasionally once-fires and very occasionally experiments with Raku firing.

Her work is handmade and hand-finished so no two tiles will ever be alike. Please be aware that the tile you receive might be different in colour than the one shown. 

Approx. 10 x 7cm