• How to paint like Turner
  • How to paint like Turner

How to paint like Turner

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J.M.W. Turner was one of the greatest artists Britain has ever produced. His watercolours, with their extraordinary effects of shifting light and dramatic cloudscapes, are especially highly regarded. For the first time, this book reveals the secrets of his technique, allowing present-day watercolourists to try them out themselves.

There is an accessible introduction that explores Turner's life and career and the materials he used to achieve the masterpieces we know and love today. The book then goes on to list the modern materials the twenty-first century watercolourist will need if they aspire to take on similar subject matter. Successive chapters look at a particular theme, such as Sky, Water, Trees, Buildings, People, Animals, Sunrise, Moonlight and Fire, illustrating each with one of Turner's works. Expert contemporary watercolour artists then explain, step by step, how to paint a version of that particular picture and how to use the techniques learnt to paint other compositions.

With a glossary of technical terms, high quality colour reproductions, this is a must-buy purchase for all lovers of JMW Turner and of watercolour painting.

ISBN 185437883X
Published by Tate Publishing