• Sprouty Cushion  - Blue

Sprouty Cushion - Blue

Handmade punch-needled cushion by Kent based multi-disciplinary artist, Freyja Crow


Freyja’s work is rooted in a DIY ethos, heavily influenced by ancient craftsmanship, mythology, folklore and the 1970’s punk movement. Freyja uses a range of methods from ceramics, embroidery, zines, film and photography to express her thoughts and ideas.


 “ I love to observe the beauty and absurdity of everyday life within my work… i’m intrigued by mythical creatures, deities and idols from around the world throughout history and the constant search for belonging and a higher purpose which is something almost innate within all humans. This has led me to creating my own mythical deities; the sprouts, which live among trees, stars and sea. although the sprouts seem like other worldly creatures, in reality they are actually just you or i. We are all the sprouts, living amongst the trees and stars.”


Approx measurement: 40x40cm