Ceramic Goddess(Large Flower Face)

  • $420.00

Ceramic Goddesses by Charlie Russell


These Goddesses are created to be your cheerleaders, to bring love and reflect your light. They are a colourful, playful channel for the hopes and wishes of our inner lives and for the everyday. They are intended to speak to our ancient inner wisdom where instinct and love reside. They are modern female mother/sister power objects made to help us draw on our own nature, self belief, tradition and personal magic in all its forms.

Charlie is inspired by the personal shrines we quietly and subconsciously make in our homes. The special items, objects and collections that hold memory, connect us, anchor us, represent our desires and make us feel safe. These Goddesses are made to live among these things, they celebrate and they remind. They are Taliswomen to represent an event, feeling, intention or anything you want to focus on or work with emotionally. They are gifts between loved ones and for ourselves. Each one is entirely individual, made slowly by hand with intention and purpose, no two Goddesses are the same.