• Tempo para Respirar (Breathing Time) -  Maria Nepomuceno

Tempo para Respirar (Breathing Time) - Maria Nepomuceno

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In 2012, Brazilian artist Maria Nepomuceno's Tempo para Respirar (or Breathing Time) exhibited in our own Sunley Gallery. The exuberant installation was inspired by traditional South American craft techniques, weaving straw and strings, piling beads and sewing brightly-coloured ropes into draping coils and flower-like forms. These materials formed a fantastical landscape, also populated by playful ceramic shapes, shiny over-sized beads and found objects. Re-live the waves of colour, sound and texture that Nepomunceno brought into our beautiful double-height space overlooking the North Sea.

Published by Turner Contemporary, with Victoria Miro Gallery and A Gentil Carioca, on the occasion of the exhibition.

Texts by Michael Asbury, Mario Nepomunceno, and Ernesto Neto, Victoria Pomery and Lauren A Wright
Edited by Lauren A Wright
ISBN 978-0-9552363-6-5