• Barbican Mug in Orange

Barbican Mug in Orange

The Barbican is a large stoneware mug, carved and hand painted with a geometric pattern inspired by brutalist architecture. 

Holds 350ml,and measures 8.5cm across and 7.5cm tall.

Izzy McFarlane ceramics are handmade at every stage, so may have slight imperfections or differences between pieces.

Based in Margate, Izzy studied printed textiles at Leeds Arts University working with screen printing and 3d processes.

Izzy bought her first kickwheel in August 2020 and has been making ceramics ever since! Her work is strongly influenced by her textiles practice as she's always been interested in the relationship between the 3D form and surface pattern, and takes her design process in lots of exciting directions. Izzy takes inspiration from architecture and mid century design, contrasting brutalist inspired shapes with a soft playful colour palette.

'I've always been drawn to making functional things as I love the idea of adding something a little bit special to elevate everyday activities. I like to think my mugs are tiny sculptures you can drink your morning coffee from!'