• Ancients Necklace

Ancients Necklace

  • $106.00

A unique high quality piece of wearable art


Loïs is a ceramic artist and jeweller working in her hometown of Margate, Kent.

Loïs states she is ‘continually amazed and influenced by ancient objects and how these link us with our ancestors’, she is also heavily influenced by nature and focusing spirituality through objects.

Loïs inspired by the ocean; the shapes of seaweed, the mysteries below, the feelings that fill her when staring out to or swimming under the sea.

Silversmithing and jewellery making has always been a passion and she discovered ceramics at Clayspace in 2014. Loïs began working more regularly in ceramics in 2021 leaving her SEN teaching role to focus on her art in late 2022.

Loïs took part in, and won, Channel 4’s The Great Pottery Throw Down in 2023 and since then has been selling ceramics and jewellery through her website, at art fairs and through selected galleries. Collections frequently sell out in minutes.