• Misery Guts Death Mask Necklace - Billie M Vigne

Misery Guts Death Mask Necklace - Billie M Vigne

Express your inner Misery Guts with Billie M Vigne's death mask necklace, made in Margate. Each 18ct gold-plated silver pendant comes on an 18” sterling silver chain, and stamped on the reverse with the BMV logo. Small variations are to be expected due to the handcrafted nature of these pieces.

Artist and metalsmith Billie M Vigne hand-crafts androgynous contemporary jewellery in Margate.

“The Death Masks are a chorus of village idiots, headhunted by cynics and those with short tempers in moments of abject irritation. These mini, modern day descendants of Oskar Schlemmer's 'Chorus of Masks' can be given or kept as tokens of (dis)affection.”

Care: All BMV Jewellery is plated to a generous thickness of 4 microns (well above the recommended 2 microns) to keep it gold and gleaming for as long as possible! Plated items must not be polished. Please get in touch with Billie if you would like an item re-plated, subject to costs.