• Mussel Pot - Minnie-Mae Stott

Mussel Pot - Minnie-Mae Stott

Hand formed single ceramic mussel shell pinch pot

Featuring mother of pearl lustre

One of my favourite things to do is stroll along the beach in Margate, picking up shells. Mussel shells are always in abundance, and the pearly monochrome is such a lovely contrast to the sand.

Variations will occur from shell to shell as each is handmade.

Approx 10cm long

(picture shows the front and back of one shell)


Minnie-Mae based in Margate, works in and producing ceramics, printed textiles and interior decoration. British seaside landscapes, the history of London, Greek mythology and Italian kitsch decoration inspire and inform her imagery and exploration of design, resulting in a healthy obsession with columns and seashells. Her hand-crafted ceramics are objects of empowerment, designed to evoke nostalgia and strength, whilst focusing on classical design. Both her mother and grandmother (seamstresses and set designers) played an instrumental role in encouraging her interests and developments within the world of arts and culture. After graduating from Loughborough in 2011 studying Printed Textiles. Opened her own art gallery, wine shop & restaurant in Margate after she decided to revisit her love of design and began to attend the drop-in classes at Clayspace. Here she found her calling and instantly began to spend all her waking hours there. She has not stopped since and spends her time creating handmade ceramic pieces from her own inspiration and explorations.