Cloud Mug - Ella Bua-In

  • £24.00

Have a coffee in the clouds! Stoneware mugs in a matte white glaze with a cobalt oxide cloud motif, the inside is a glossy rust colour. Each mug is unique and may differ slightly to the one photographed. 

These mugs measure approximately 8.5 x 7cm. They are dishwasher friendly but hand-washing will ensure best care.

Ella Bua-In is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Margate. Her ceramics are made to be tactile and imperfect, and each piece is unique from the brush strokes on it’s surface to the tiny physical individualities. Ella's influences are varied but centre around natural forms and mark-making. She believes that "art should tell stories be that in the piece itself or in the memories you build around it".