• My Pleasure Giclee Edition Print - Lo Lo No

My Pleasure Giclee Edition Print - Lo Lo No

  • £175.00

A2 Giclee Digital Print on Archival Paper

Edition of 20

My pleasure takes the form of a vintage dominatrix reclad in posters from old magazines, the aesthetic becomes more bionic in its silhouette and singular 'Op Art' eye gazing down at you. Set against a minimal graphic backdrop and an electricity bolt directed at her, a powerful female is about to strike.

Lo Lo No is a multidisciplinary artist based in margate, with their digital collages they collect imagery from physical materials like old magazines, manuscripts and even cookbooks. That they digitally cut to create collages built upon figures with more subcultural leanings, the underlying subversions create a specific atmosphere of 'a moment' among some precisely compositioned mayhem.