• Soy Wax Scented Candle - School Dinners

Soy Wax Scented Candle - School Dinners

  • £35.00

Pink custard, warm sponge cake, white chocolate mice, hundreds of thousands, so sweet your mouth hurts and your head spins. Fizzy sherbet, sponge fingers, spotted dick with raisins the size of your thumb, white bread fresh out of the toaster loaded with terrible wheat and sugar. Bananas smeared on pancakes with maple syrup on that balcony whilst on holiday for the first time with someone you love.

Good Candles are based in Thanet their aim is to donate meaningful amounts of each sale to fund change and specifically second chances.



This candle will provide good times for over 40 hours.

If you take good care of your candle it will smell better, last longer, fill your house with good vibes and be safe to burn. 

Trim the wick - if you don’t the flame will be massive, the candle will burn badly and will be unsafe. Why would you not do this? Go find those scissors. You wanna go to 5mm if you can (that’s quite small)

Trimmed the wick? Bravo. This should prevent smoke and residue.

Is your wick in the middle? Yeah weird huh, sometimes when you burn a candle the wick can shift over a bit. Keep an eye on this one.

Burn Time - first time? You want to make sure you have 2 hours to let the melt pool reach all the way round the candle. Super important on the first burn to prevent those holes you see in candles (we call this tunnelling).

There are full safety instructions on the box and candle but some really obvious ones we want to call out.

Never leave candles unattended

Don’t leave them by an open window or a draft

Don’t burn a candle right next to another candle. The glass can get incredibly hot if you do this and this is when cracks happen.

Don’t burn candles right down to the bottom of the vessel. Our candles will last 40-50 hours so don’t panic. That last bit left in the glass is ok to leave.