• Haeckels Lemon Balm Incense Cones

Haeckels Lemon Balm Incense Cones

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Locally harvested natural scented incense. – 17 Cones Lemon Balm grows to 70–150 cm tall with oil-rich leaves that a gentle lemon fragrance will come off onto your hands when crushed. Melissa officinalis is in the mint family of Lamiaceae which reflects this high oil content and naturally fragrant quality. The white summer flowers attract bees, hence the genus name Melissa (Greek for ‘honey bee’) whilst high doses of purified lemon balm extracts have been found to be effective in the relief of stress, producing increased calmness and reduced alertness. Burning time: 15 min approx. Scent longevity: 2-4 hours (in a medium size room). To get the best results use Haeckels incense burner.