• Haeckels Eco Hand Balm

Haeckels Eco Hand Balm

  • £18.00

<p>The buttery balm will keep your hands nourished through a powerful combination of seaweed and eco marine extract. Your hands will be moisturised but not greasy, with increased levels of collagen. Packaging 100% compostable and in a glassine sack. </p>


<p>Your hands need nourishing. And though you might never have used a hand balm, it should form a really important part of your daily routine.


The skin on your hands is different from the rest of your body – sometimes softer, sometimes harder. The hands are the most used part of the body. Hands can be dry and chapped, or they can be clammy. Either way, a good hand balm is necessary that is non-greasy but effective.


Our Eco Balm is formulated to help your hands. It all starts with seaweed. Our Fucus Serum extract provides unrivalled levels of hydration, which in turn helps to soften the hands and stimulate the production of structural skin proteins.


Collagen helps to strengthen and hydrate the skin whilst also helping skin elasticity.


We then add fragrant coastal flowers including geranium and lavender oils for a calming and soothing effect.<\p>