• Tessellation 7 - Margo Selby
  • Tessellation 7 - Margo Selby

Tessellation 7 - Margo Selby

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Margo Selby
‘Tessellation 7’

Individually hand-woven at Margo Selby's Whitstable studio, each unique piece explores the unity of colour and structure; how yarn can be blended, revealed and concealed in a textile to create modernist, abstract colour studies which celebrate woven textiles.

Each artwork is framed in art glass with a bespoke high quality white wooden frame measuring approximately 20mm wide, 32mm deep.

Margo Selby is a celebrated textile artist, creating distinctive handwoven artworks which unite a modernist aesthetic with the depth and texture that is inherent in woven textiles.

Tessellation 7, 2019
Hand-woven stretched lampas panel
Cotton, silk, wool, framed with glassn84.5 x 88 cm
Unique Margo Selby Studio Catalogue Number: 13, 4 (warp 13, work 4)

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